Jumbo Fun Blocks

Jumbo Fun Blocks

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MORE BLOCKS - 36 High Quality 7.5" x 2.5" x 2.0" Pine Timbers.

JUMBO SIZE -36  Blocks making 12 Rows - Starts Over 2ft and Grows to Over 5ft Tall.

PLAY ANYWHERE - The Perfect Game for Any Outdoor Event, Party or Tailgate.

HIGH QUALITY - Includes a Robust High Density Carrying Case - Block edges are smooth to allow for a safe, easier grip.

100% GUARANTEED - This Product Comes with a Lifetime Warranty, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Tailgating Pros - Giant Toppling Timbers has been voted the best new game of the year! Toppling Timbers 36 Wooden Timbers stand a towering 24 inches off the ground and play to over 5 feet tall. Each game piece is 7.5" x 2.5" x 2.0" and is made from high quality pine. Take Turns Removing Blocks and Re-stacking them to see who can last the longest without Knocking it over! Included in the game is a heavy duty carrying bag which allows the game to be set up and taken down in minutes! Great for any outdoor event, party, or tailgate!